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15 Entrepreneurs Discuss Why They Love Their Business

Pinkly Perfect’s very own Maddy Sasso was recently asked why she loves her business. Maddy says:

“I started Pinkly Perfect, a brand of clothing and accessories aiming to capture the magic of summer vacation all year for beach loving girls, as a way for me to combine my experience as a fashion designer and my nostalgia for spending summers with my family in my favorite beach town. Prior to the line launching in April 2016, I loved what I was doing because I was constantly thinking about things that made me happy–trips to the ice cream parlor, building sand castles, riding bikes with my childhood friends. However, after my launch, the excitement from people of all ages who can relate to this is what I love most about my business. Through networking events, emails, and comments on my social media pages, I constantly hear from people who not only love the concept, but also fill me in on their beach town and their family traditions of where they vacationed when they were younger. It’s satisfying to know that I chose a niche market that needed to be targeted but it’s the best feeling ever to see strangers’ faces light up when they think about their own happy memories.”

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here or pasting the link below into your address bar!

15 Entrepreneurs Discuss Why They Love Their Business

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