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15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Blog For Business

Pinkly Perfect’s very own Maddy Sasso was recently asked how she uses her blog to further her business. Maddy says:

“I had the idea for Pinkly Perfect over a year ago but knew there was a lot of work for me to put in before launching my brand of summer-inspired beach clothing and accessories. So last summer I decided to launch a blog where I could build up my customer base while behind the scenes I was working on designing clothing and accessories that would appeal to my target customer: beach loving teenage girls. Throughout the process, I realized I needed to get into my future customer’s head more. So I opened up the position of Pinkly Perfect Contributors (read: freelance blog writers) to high school girls with serious beach town pride who love beach-inspired food, entertaining tips, fashion, beauty, and fitness. I built up a group of ten girls, all my potential target customers, and I got to see firsthand what they followed, liked, and best responded to. By reading their articles, I got to know my customer much more and have new, interesting content and personality to my blog. When I launched my product line three months ago, I knew I had a much deeper understanding of who I was targeting and how to go about it. I still have these girls writing on my blog now and also use the blog to link back to Pinkly Perfect products as much as possible.”

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here or pasting the link below into your address bar!

15 Entreprenuers Explain How They Use Their Blog For Business

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