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Pinkly Perfect, Inc. was founded by Maddy Sasso in order to provide beach loving girls with clothing and accessories that capture the magic of summer vacation all year long.

Maddy grew up spending summers “down the shore” at her family’s beach house in Avalon, New Jersey. To her, collecting seashells, building sand castles, and indulging in afternoon ice cream cones covered in rainbow sprinkles with her family were the most magical memories of her childhood. As she got older, what was once an entire summer turned into weekends here and there and Maddy started to wish longingly for more of the easy summer living that she loved so much.

So she decided to create Pinkly Perfect: a clothing and accessory brand that captures the nostalgia of growing up at the beach by selling the most perfect items to accompany summer-loving girls whether they’re on their way to their favorite seaside town or simply daydreaming about it in Geometry class.

With Pinkly Perfect, quality clothing and accessories meet sunny colors and quirky sayings and graphics that embody a love for warm weather, sun-kissed skin, and bike rides to the ice cream parlor. Pinkly Perfect promises to provide girls with quintessential summer merchandise that aid in celebrating the best three months of the year, as well as helping to cope with the other nine 😀.