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Madison Bracelet Featured in Happy Soiree Post: Girl Boss

Pinkly Perfect’s Madison Bracelet in Boss featured in this post by Happy Soiree about what it means to be a #GirlBoss. Check it out here:

When my girl Maddy from Pinkly Perfect asked me to work with her on spreading the message behind their fab new girl boss bracelets, I was beyond thrilled.

I’m even more excited to share this after seeing all the amazing photos from the women’s march. How inspiring? I mean really! I wish I was there. Every time I see pictures I am so moved, to see that many girl bosses stand up together and let the world know we will not be silenced– incredible!

I know people tend to assume that a girl boss is mainly someone who owns their own company.

But to me a girl boss is more than just a career thing.

A girl boss is someone who takes charge of her life. Someone who knows what she wants or that she won’t give up searching for it.

Someone who knows to keep reaching for that goal, no matter how many times she’s met with disapproval stares and/or responses.

A girl boss does not let someone shut her shit down. She makes sure her point is made and her voice is heard. She speaks for those who cannot speak and always spreads love, empathy, and kindness.

She knows how important it is to share her knowledge and to accept help.

She also knows that we cannot win by tearing each other down, so she always helps her girls out.

A girl boss knows her value.

She knows that she is -in fact- a magical unicorn.

She is comfortable in her skin, because she knows that her beauty and value are way more than skin deep. She also knows how important personal growth is.

She is not afraid to live boldly.

…even if she might be wicked awkward.

Why? because she knows that her awkward quirks are what make her unique.

She celebrates them.

A girl boss knows when to laugh and when to cry. Because emotions are human.

A boss demands equality.

She does not stay silent when she sees something is unjust.

Lastly, a girl boss knows her strength.

Here’s to all my perfectly pink girl bosses out there. Stay wonderfully amazing! I love you!<3

P.S. Thank you to Pinkly Perfect for this awesome gift! You can get your girl boss bracelet here. Let’m know who’s boss!

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