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Pinkly Perfect Founder Shares Her Secrets For Destressing

Pinkly Perfect Founder Maddy Sasso was recently featured in a Glamour article by Jillian Kramer entitled ‘20 #Girlbosses Share Their Secrets for Destressing After Work‘. The Pinkly Perfect CEO explains how she relaxes and de-stresses after work below:

“My secret for destressing after work is to make plans with fellow girl bosses. I find that the most stressful thing about being a female entrepreneur is that you’re often doing things on your own and don’t have the built-in support system you might if you were at a larger company with a team of people. By spending time with girls who are in the same boat as you, it’s easy to destress because they simply get it. We can talk about problems, ask for advice, share funny stores, or simply vent.”

You can read Maddy’s quote and 19 other entrepreneurs’ in the full article, located here.

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